Hans Paap - Portraits and Landscapes

$ 45.00

Hans Paap (1890-1967), gifted portrait painter, landscape painter and master colorist, traveled and lived all over the world. While this provided him with a rich trove of subject matter, it precluded him from establishing himself in one place long enough to earn the recognition his work so richly deserves.

With this book, his daughter, Nancy Paap, seeks to clarify that by shedding light on the life and work of the father she knew only briefly in her childhood.

Nancy weaves in her studio at her home in picturesque Tesuque, NM. A beautiful collection of her handwovens are available at Artemisia.

Hardcover, 151 pages, the book measures 10" wide by 12" high. $45.00 plus shipping or free with the purchase of a handwoven vest, kabuki or ponchito from Nancy Paap.

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